The Mirror Theater Company’s mission is to provide artists  who are new to LA  or simply just love theater, with their own theatrical space to call home.

Mirror Theater Company members are directors, writers, actors, designers and stage managers looking to collaborate and learn from each other by working as a team to produce works.  They will have the opportunity to take on some of the greatest roles created for the  stage.  They will serve as understudies for our productions when needed.  Members will equally participate in running our theater and have the opportunity to initiate projects and create work.

Company Requirements:

The Mirror Theater Company membership is FREE for members who meet the requirement:

16 hours per month spent on various company duties.  If you are unable to fulfill your monthly requirements, you have the option to pay monthly dues at $100 per 16 hours. After three months of failure to meet the required monthly hours/dues and monthly company meetings, company membership is subjected to termination.